Bits on Wheels

Bits on Wheels 1.0.6

Free, lightweight and complete BitTorrent


  • Lots of stats
  • 3D wheel and pieces download views


  • Lacks documentation
  • No updated in ages
  • Cluttered interface


Bits on Wheels is an alternative BitTorrent client with can handle multiple torrent files simultaneously. Its wheel view, although slightly confusing at first, gives you an overview of all peers and how they are contributing to your download. It won’t make you download faster, but it will give you a good overview of how well it’s performing.

Bits on Wheels provides lots of advanced information on your torrents, so all of you obsessed with torrent stats will love it. You’ll find info on the pieces and blocks download and the amount of data received and downloaded. If these stats are what matter to you most, you will probably like working with the Pieces’ view.

Bits on Wheel lets you set your own upload and download speeds and I found it handled well multiple downloads. Although the multiple download views are fairly original I found the interface rather unattractive and complicated in general. Having stats is good but it can drown the important information. That could definitely be a turn off for first time users who wouldn’t really know how to start using it.

Bits on Wheels has not been updated in three years now, which makes we wonder if it has not been abandoned. I also felt it generally lacked of proper documentation to help you use it.

Bits on Wheels offers original download views and handles multiple torrents well, but the cluttered interface could very easily turn off users.

Bits on Wheels


Bits on Wheels 1.0.6

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